God loves and cares for each one of us and we need to extend that love and care to others. Volunteers from Holy Cross provide medical transportation and food shopping for our CareReceivers, as part of CareGiver/Volunteers of Central Jersey; a faith in action program. There is an immediate need for more volunteers, especially for medical transportation. Doing one transport per month would take only two to four hours of your time per month. All of our CareReceivers are ambulatory.

If you would like to share in this vital social ministry program or your or someone you know would like to be a CareReceiver, contact Gail Ytreboe at 732-557-0067 for more information. Be a friend and reach out and touch someone.

Caregiver Volunteer Ministry

Submitted by Ida B. Mahoney
(from 12/12 newsletter)

CVCJ, Caregiver Volunteers of Central Jersey, is an interfaith nonprofit agency dedicated to providing FREE supportive services to the frail elderly and the home bound, enabling them to live independently and with dignity in their own homes. It is hardly a sacrifice to share our love and spread it to others just as Christ so bountifully loves us.

At the luncheon for the Holy Cross team of volunteers on Oct. 3, 2012, Lynette Whiteman spoke to the volunteers about the new CVCJ Volunteer services discontinuation policy and had a copy of the policy for everyone in attendance. If you did not attend the luncheon and would like to have a copy of this policy as established by CVCJ Board of Trustees, please let me know and I will get a copy to you.

The following are some notes from the discontinuation policy, as a reminder to those who received a copy and especially for those who did not.

CVCJ is dedicated to providing safe, quality services to our care receivers while also respecting the capabilities and boundaries of our volunteers. There are occasions when it is no longer safe to continue to provide services, and CVCJ needs to discontinue providing volunteers. It is important to note that our volunteers are not medically trained and are not trained to provide any “hands-on” assistance.

Volunteers are NOT permitted to provide the following services:

  • Administer medications or oversee and/or remind receiver about medication intake
  • Assisting with toileting, dressing, bathing or other activities of daily living
  • Assisting with ambulation if care receiver is unsteady or at risk for falls
  • Transporting individuals in wheelchairs
  • Communicating with medical professionals if the receiver has memory or medical problems which interfere with the doctor communicating diagnosis or treatment options.
  • Any other assistance that the volunteer is not trained to provide, or would put the volunteer or care receiver at risk.

The CVCJ staff is asking all volunteers to alert the CVCJ office that a situation has arisen that the volunteer believes is out of his/her scope. the proper procedures will be implemented at that time.


A tax deductible form is given on the spot with no hassles, free pickup. DONATE ANY VEHICLE, RUNNING OR NOT! Call 1-877-227-7487, Ext. 2479 or select “Caregiver/Volunteers of Central Jersey” to donate online at: or for more information contact Lynette at 732 505 2273, ext. 206 or visit us online at Email: