Due Date Question
4-Oct-15 Tell me about yourself: What is your full name? Do you like your name (why or why not)? Is there a reason you were give your name? What is your birthday? What is your favorite… …color? … food? …book? …movie? …school subject?
11-Oct-15 Tell me about yourself: If you could meet anyone from the following categories (alive or dead), who would it be: Actor/Actress, Musician, Cartoon Character, Sports Persona, Book Character, Biblical Character
18-Oct-15 Tell me about yourself: What are THREE things you like about yourself? What are THREE things you dislike about yourself? In my free time I love to do these THREE things. I would NEVER spend my time doing these THREE things. If I could have THREE wishes, they would be…
25-Oct-15 Tell me THREE things about religion, any religion, you wish you understood better.
1-Nov-15 Write the first commandment. What does this commandment mean to you?
8-Nov-15 Why do you think God gave the “no other gods command” first?
15-Nov-15 Write the second commandment. What does this commandment mean to you?
22-Nov-15 How do cursing and swearing relate to respect and disrespect?
29-Nov-15 Write the third commandment. What does this commandment mean to you?
6-Dec-15 Keeping in mind the 3rd commandment, what would you tell a friend who says, “Sunday is the only day I can sleep in.”
13-Dec-15 Write the fourth commandment. What does this commandment mean to you?
20-Dec-15 Write down 5 common ways that people dishonor their parents. Imagine you are now a parent of a teenage. Which of these “dis-honoring” ways would bother you most. Why?
27-Dec-15 Merry Christmas! What is your favorite present that you received?
3-Jan-16 Write the fifth commandment. What does this commandment mean to you?
10-Jan-16 How can words, looks, and inaction be forms of killing?
17-Jan-16 Write the sixth commandment. What does this commandment mean to you?
24-Jan-16 Write the seventh commandment. What does this commandment mean to you?
7-Feb-16 How do people justify each of the following ways of breaking the 7th commandment: shoplifting; cheating on income taxes; cheating on a term paper; copying a DVD or CD; not clocking out for a break at work.
10-Feb-16 How do you feel about Lent? How does Lent affect you? When you listen to people talk about Lent, do you feel like what they are saying has anything to do with you? With your life? Why? Why not?
14-Feb-16 How did the “ashes” make you feel Wednesday? Or didn’t they? Did you see somebody with ashes that surprised you? Someone you didn’t expect to have them? What do Valentine’s Day and Lent have to do with each other?
Due Date Question
21-Feb-16 What does not eating meat, or giving something up for Lent have to do with anything? Did you give something up for Lent? What? Why? Did you take an alternate route – did you take on an additional responsibility during Lent? What? Why?
28-Feb-16 Read Luke 4:1-13. Reflect on one verse that impacted you when you read it. Write that verse in your journal. How does this verse apply to you?
6-Mar-16 Read Matthew 27:31-35. What “cross” in life do you have to carry? Write about it in your journal.
13-Mar-16 Pick your “favorite” disciple: Simon Peter, James son of Zebedee, John son of Zebedee, Andrew, Philip, Bartholomew, Matthew, Thoas, James son of Alphaeus, Thaddaeus, Simon the Zealot, Judas Iscariot, Matthais (who replaced Judas). Why did you pick him? What do you like most about him? What do you like least about him?
20-Mar-16 Jesus hosts “the last supper” in an upper room with his disciples. Pick an object (not a person) you think would be in the room with them. Write what you observe being that object. What are you? What do you hear? What do you see? How do you feel?
27-Mar-16 Read John 20:1-18. Pick one of the characters from the story (Mary Magdalene, Simon Peter, ‘the other disciple,’ the two angels, Jesus, the rest of the disciples at the end of the story). Who are you? How do you feel at the beginning of the story? At the end? What do you do next?
3-Apr-16 Write the eighth commandment. What does this commandment mean to you?
10-Apr-16 Think about a time when someone told a lie about you. What did that individual take from you by doing that? What did they gain? What did they lose? Why did they do it? How did you respond? What would you do differently if that situation had been reversed?
17-Apr-16 Write the ninth and tenth commandments. What do these commandments mean to you?
24-Apr-16 What was the last thing you really wanted but couldn’t possess?
1-May-16 Read your journal entries from the beginning. Write a paragraph or two on your faith journey in light of your journal activities. What did you learn about yourself?
8-May-16 This Entry must be more than 3 paragraphs.                                                                                                                           Start to write a faith statement.   See handout.
15-May-16 Look at Amy’s review of your entry from last week. If needed, revise and complete your faith statement. If no corrections are needed, turn in your journal for final collection.
Journals will be collected on: October 25, November 22, December 20, January 24, February 28, April 3, and May 8.
Final Journal Collection will be May 15, 2016