Kindergarten, Preschool, and Daycare – 732-255-3112

Registration & Fees

Information and fee schedule for registering at Holy Cross for Kindergarten, Preschool, or Daycare. Contact the school with any questions.


Each year we plan special events at our school, including a Mother’s Day Tea, and Field Day. See our photo pages.


Kindergarten and preschool follow the public school calendar, September through June. Daycare is Monday through Friday,

Contact Us

732-255-3112 Monday through Friday, September to June.

Holy Cross Christian Kindergarten, Preschool, and Daycare emphasizes the importance of a child developing an identity that he or she is loved and accepted as a unique individual. Our staff and students represent a diversity of faiths and are respected for their religious origin. A Christian perspective is taught on the universal principles of the importance of having an active prayer life, a loving home and family and healthy relationships with each other.

Preparation for class work in elementary school and the development of physical skills are part of a well-planned curriculum centered on the ideas and ideals of Christianity, rather than dogma. Each child’s needs will be assessed and treated in accordance with growth and development patterns.

Our preschool is governed by a Board of Directors that assists and supervises its operation and is headed by Pastor Bruce T. Ewen. Our director, Marion Callazzo, has more than 30 years experience teaching this age group. She and our staff of certified teachers are assisted by experienced classroom aides. Classroom size is limited to ensure individual attention for each child.

Our preschool is licensed under the New Jersey Department of Human Services, which imposes strict regulations governing the establishment and maintenance of preschools.